Champ FMV LED Flood Light

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    You’re faced with high maintenance and operating costs within your petrochemical facility. In addition, frequent lamp failures pose a safety concern where continuous lighting is required. You’re tasked with identifying a lighting solution that reduces ownership costs while maintaining similar or improved light levels.

    Old Way

    Conventional 175-Watt Metal Halide luminaires are installed throughout the facility and operate continuously. Regular maintenance is required to replace burned-out lamps. Additionally, the high cost of energy is having an unfavorable impact on your operational budget.

    New Way

    Install 98-Watt Champ® VMV LED luminaires. Benefit immediately from the long life and energy efficient LED
    light source. The LED Champ luminaire is designed to easily adapt to existing mounting modules for ease of installation.


    Realize a potential $325K in energy and maintenance cost savings per year by making the change to Champ® VMV LED. Receive positive PR from utilizing an eco-friendly light source that supports your corporate

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