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    NEW – linear LED Module for eLLK/M 92 Series

    Cooper Crouse-Hinds has designed a revolutionary module
    with LED light source to fit into existing eLLK/M 92018/18
    and eLLK/M 92036/36. This converts a traditional fluorescent
    light fitting into an LED light. The LED module allows also a
    retrofit of already installed eLLK/M 92 with the latest generation
    electronic ballast (EVG 09).
    A special designed reflector system prevents disability glare
    at low mounting heights. This also directs the light output of
    the high power LED chips to the working area respective
    measuring plane avoiding multi shadowing and light pollution.
    The LED system design and certification allows the use in
    the well proven Ex e technology of eLLK/M 92. With the use
    of our electronic ballast EVG 09 as the driver we can refer
    to 20 years successful operation in harsh and hazardous

    The advantages of the LED Module:

    • Environmental friendly, no mercury
    • Shock and vibration resistant, no filament or glass to break
    • Immediate start, instant full illumination
    • No life time reduction due to switching cycles
    • Reduced disposal cost

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