GHG 411 Control Station with 1 Built In Component

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    Even under the most adverse conditions, CEAG control stations can be used and operated reliably. The enclosures consist of low-temperature impactresistant thermoplastic which fulfils the requirements of EN 60079 and provides a high resistance to chemicals. The well thought out design with low side walls allows optimum cable connection. Quick fixing allows up to three CEAG built-in components, such as signal lamps, pushbuttons and switches, to be snapped on a rail in the enclosure. They can be snapped out of the enclosure to facilitate cable-entry feeding. Notches in the mounting rails prevent the built-in components from being twisted out of place.

    Wall mounting can be carried out via easily accessible fixing apertures when the enclosure cover is sealed. CEAG mounting pla tes offer a timesaving fixing tech nique. CEAG control stations feature standard M25 moulded-plastic cable entries with an 8 to 17 mm clamping diameter. Coupling pieces link enclosures to each other and prevent them from being twisted out of place. Alternatively, metal screws and flanges can be used for mounting – the metal flanges also enable external earthing.

    Free mounting areas can be provided for retrofitting certified CEAG components. These are then factory sealed with blanking elements.

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